About the Company

Social Responsibility

Commitment to Shareholders

Being committed to sustainable environment and harmonious society, BG Blue Sky has been expanding rapidly, with business throughout regions such as northeast China, east China, southwest China and south China. Sales revenue of the Group's core business (natural gas business) continues to grow. The Group is confident to create greater value for shareholders.

Environmental Protection

As the Chinese economy continues to develop, the demand for energy grows. To reduce the dependence on conventional energy sources such as coal and oil, the Chinese government has implemented a series of measures to encourage the development and usage of new energy sources. The Chinese government has also dedicated resources to build a long-term mechanism to conserve energy and reduce emission.

Commitment to Clients

BG Blue Sky has a diversified customer base, including downstream and end-users, such as vehicles that use LNG or CNG, commercial and industrial users as well as urban habitants. The Group strives for ensuring the stability of gas source, as well as to provide complete, genuine, reliable and high-quality products.

To better understand our clients, the Group has set up platforms such as website and telephone inquiry system in order to monitor and improve quality of products and services, and to maintain our long-term relations with clients and business partners.

Employee relations

As a gas company, employees’ safety is always of most importance. We organize trainings to all frontline staff, providing with not only safety equipment, but also the technical know-how to operate them. We strictly implement the company's safety rules and regulations to ensure compliance throughout the procedures.

The Group encourages employees to have vocational training and education. In addition, we are planning to bring their talents into full play.

Connected with the communities

The Group plays a role in the PRC’s natural gas market. While it focuses on the investment and construction of gas projects, it contributes to the communities by facilitating the building of local infrastructure by conforming to principles of respecting local culture and fully utilising local resources. Connecting gas pipelines, supplying stable gas to local residential and industrial users, etc. – these all help raise the residents’ living standards and are beneficial to thousands of people in the community.


We are committed to the gas industry as well as our business, so we are keen to participate in industry forums and seminars, hoping to contribute to and support the industry’s development, and to lead it towards systematization.

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