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Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is an integrated natural gas provider and operator focusing on the midstream and downstream development of the natural gas industry chain.

Under the dual-carbon goal, China’s energy structure is gradually transforming from high-carbon to low-carbon, and the transformation of the energy system towards a clean, low-carbon and diversified system is also accelerating. Among which, natural gas is becoming China’s key developing fossil energy because of its cleanness and high efficiency. Under the implementation of the coal-to-gas policy, the demand for natural gas as a substitute of coal is expected to grow continuously. In addition, the transformation of energy consumption structure and the growth of downstream market demand will also promote the steady growth of natural gas consumption in China. Against this background, the Group’s business development will usher in huge market opportunities.

Leverage on the synergistic advantages of controlling shareholders, move towards becoming a new type of gas enterprise

In terms of the city gas business, leverage on resource advantages and business advantages of Beijing Gas Group Co., Ltd. (“Beijing Gas”, the controlling shareholder), the Group will make every possible effort to attract such end market customers as gas power plants, gas for transportation, distributed energy, industrial and commercial users, and residential user. The Group will continue to participate in the development of the entire natural gas industry chain, enhance the value of premium city gas business, and move towards becoming a new type of gas enterprise.

Develop the layout of the whole LNG industry chain, enhance market influence

In terms of the whole LNG industry chain business, the Group will accelerate the expansion of its business operations nationwide, so as to build up its advantage in the development of the whole industry chain of LNG business. In the future, the Group will undertake LNG transportation, distribution and trade services for Beijing Gas in Tianjin, Tangshan and other receiving terminals, which will be beneficial to the Group’s layout in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, further leverage regional synergies, increase market share and influence, and enhance the overall LNG distribution and distribution capabilities. Furthermore, the Group will also consider the sustainable development of oil and gas trading and develop regional LNG stations in various levels to enhance the diversity and competitiveness of the Group’s gas source structure, so as to develop the Group into an influential natural gas trading enterprise in China.

Continue to explore new energy business, become a future-oriented integrated clean energy provider

While continuing to expand the comprehensive advantages of “gas source plus terminal”, the Group will actively seize the market opportunities under the dual carbon target to accelerate the development of renewable energy and clean energy. In the future, with the support of controlling shareholder, the Group will consider developing an integrated distributed energy business, accelerate the exploration of hydrogen energy, solar and other renewable energy and clean energy business development, and gradually promote the field of renewable energy, with a view to developing the Group into a future-oriented integrated clean energy operator with a focus on quality city gas projects and LNG industry chain.

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