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Corporate Milestones

December 2022 Completion of The Capital And Asset Injection Plan
September 2022 The Company and Beijing Gas Group conditionally agreed to the proposed Capital and Asset Injection Plan, involving the Facility and Convertible Bond Subscription, the Share Subscription and the Acquisition, which are inter-conditional with each other.
July 2020 Entered into Share transfer Increase Agreements with a subsidiary of SK E&S, and conditionally agreed to sell 30% equity interest in Ningbo Beilun Bochen Energy Trading Co., Ltd., Huzhou Bochen Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Boxin Energy Co., Ltd.
April 2019 it was announced that Zhejiang Bo Xin will be acquired. Its business network covers Yangtze River Delta region, and core business includes (i) direct supply of LNG to industrial users; and (ii) trading of LNG
Mar 2019 Included in Hang Seng Mainland Oil& Gas Index
July 2018 Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. Guizhou Branch to establish a strategic partnership between the two parties.
June 2018 Completed the acquisition of 29% stake in Caofeidian LNG receiving terminal.
Completion of the issue of convertible bonds to SK E&S (a subsidiary of SK Holdings Co., Ltd.)
May 2018 The indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, Beijing Blue Sky Energy and Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd. (stock code: 0135), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunlun Energy (Shandong), entered into a three-year liquefied natural gas supply agreement
March 2018 Entered into the CB Agreement with SK E&S, a subsidiary of SK Holdings Co., Ltd., and conditionally agreed to issue the Convertible Bonds in an aggregate principal amount of HK$180 million
January 2018 Entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GPS, also entered into Shares Subscription Agreement with GPS’s key shareholder
November 2017 Entered into the memorandum of understanding with Beijing Gas Group to acquire Beiran Jingtang Co., Ltd. from Beijing Gas Hong Kong, and Beiran Jingtang Co., Ltd. has completed the acquisition of 29% equity of CNPC Jingtang
October 2017 The purchase of the Yuncheng and Yongji gas projects in Shanxi Province was completed at a price of HK$400 million . In 2015, the total gas supply volume reached 88 million cubic meters, and the company obtained a franchise for 20 to 30 years
September 2017 BG Blue Sky admitted to the Shenzhen—Hong Kong Stock Connect List
May 2017 Acquisition of Songyuan Beijing Gas Blue Sky New Energy Co., Ltd.at a price of HK$420 million. The volume of gas supply reached 40 million cubic meters in 2015, and it has obtained local 30-year franchise rights since 2004
April 2017 Entered into the Subscription Agreement with Zhongzhou International Investment Co., Ltd. The parties agree to subscribe for the issue of the Convertible Bonds by the Investor, with a total principal amount of HK $ 150 million
Entered into a 3-year convertible bond agreement with China Huarong for a total principal amount of HK $ 200 million
March 2017 Constituent of Hang Seng Mainland Oil & Gas Index,Hang Seng Global Composite Index, and Hang Seng Composite Index Series (including Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng Composite Industry Index – Energy, Hang Seng Composite SmallCap Index, and Hang Seng Composite MidCap & SmallCap Index)
February 2017 The Company officially changed name from “Blue Sky Power Holdings Limited” to “Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited”
December 2016 China Orient Asset Management subscribed for the Company's CB in an aggregate amount of HK$200 million
November 2016 Entered into the Master Agreement with Beijing Luyuanda, a Beijing Gas subsidiary, pursuant to which the Company conditionally agrees to sell and Beijing Luyuanda conditionally agrees to purchase LNG for a term of three years, with an aggregate cap of around RMB$500 million
May 2016 MSCI announced the inclusion of Blue Sky Power as a constituent of MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index, with effect from May 31, 2016
Beijing Gas invested HK$1.32 billion in Blue Sky Power, becoming its single largest shareholder
December 2015 Haitong International Securities Group (Stock code: 0665.HK) subscribed the Company's CB in an aggregate amount of HK$200 million.
Announced to acquire Fox Smart Ltd. and to develop its business in LNG refueling stations for vehicles and vessels, as well as LNG trading business through its subsidiaries.
November 2015 The 2nd time for Franklin Templeton Investment to subscribe the Company's CB
September 2015 Announced the acquisition of a CNG refueling station for vehicles in Chiping, Shandong, to expand its market share in the natural gas industry in Shandong and offer synergy in the area.
August 2015 Announced the acquisition of Tai’an Transportation and Shunchi Gas in Shandong, tapping into the LNG trading business in the province. It was granted the Dangerous Chemicals Road Transportation Permit and it currently owns 41 vehicles for CNG and/or LNG transportation.
Franklin Templeton Investment subscribed the Company's CB at the issue price of up to HK$116M, and became a strategic partner of Blue Sky Power.
July 2015 Announced the acquisition of 10% equity interest in Haikou LNG receiving terminal located in Chengmai, Hainan, and became the first Hong Kong listed non-SOE owner of LNG receiving terminal in China.
April 2015 Announced the participation in asset management scheme to finance natural gas investment project of Yunnan Jiadao in Qujing. The expected annual rate of investment return is 12%.
November 2014 Announced the acquisition of 48% equity interest in natural gas stations project in Haikou and became the largest operator of CNG refueling stations for vehicles in Haikou.
October 2014 Announced the acquisition of 55% equity interest in natural gas project in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, to strengthen the Group's strategy to diversify its business to natural gas supply industry, as well as to expand its natural gas business operations.
September 2014 Announced the acquisition of 75% equity interest in Sichuan Rich Reid Energy Development, by subsidiary of the Company, to operate and manage power generation plants.
July 2014 Adopted the new company name as "Blue Sky Power Holdings Limited"
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